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The Dutch Association of Psychotherapy (NVP) has been thé professional association for all BIG-registrated psychotherapists since 1930. 
The association is an influential and dynamically operating party within the field of mental health care, which main concerns are looking after the interests of psychotherapists and stimulating the development of psychotherapy. In 1997 the Minister of Welfare, Health and Cultural Affairs appointed the NVP as “the contact for the Dutch government for all matters regarding the BIG-profession of psychotherapist”.
The NVP is a scientific professional association for BIG-registrated psychotherapists, which concentrates on the development of psychotherapy and on strengthening the professional position of psychotherapists. It concerns itself with the present and future availability of psychotherapy for those who specifically benefit from this form of treatment. The NVP especially stands for continuous improvement of the psychotherapeutic treatments provided by its members. In all policy topics selected by the NVP, the client’s perspective is the guideline.