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EFT Congres Heelheid in een versnipperde wereld

Op 10 juni 2022 vindt de zevende editie van het EFT Congres plaats, met als thema 'Heelheid in een versnipperde wereld'.

Wholeness in a fragmented world

When we think about the fragmentation that is taking place all over the world due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have to take into consideration that a lot of suffering is due to a lack of interaction with meaningful others. We are no longer able to seek comfort in the arms of another person due to social distancing. This means loneliness among young and elderly people, and our sick and vulnerable people are isolated: a real social pandemic arises. How do we see the reopening of society? How can we deal with all this fragmentation?

How are we going to heal the social fabric of our society? How are we going to make ourselves whole again from the inside, after all the isolation and fear? How are we going to help young people to become socially skilled again? How do we restore bonds that have been ‘on hold’ for so long? How can we deal with grief and mourning for the loss of loved ones during the pandemic, when a proper goodbye could not take place? How are we going to close the gap in society between people who have (too) much and those who have nothing? What is our own compass?

As therapists we are trained to connect and to heal broken bonds. But we also need healing and wholeness before we can be there for others. Let this congress inspire you to become whole again!